Teaching , Chamber Music Coaching & Concertmaster Training

Young violinists planning a concert career may study privately with Hudson.  He has designed a special course covering all aspects of becoming a well-rounded professional violinist:

  • concerto and sonata playing
  • leading a string quartet
  • leading a chamber ensemble
  • preparing an audition for entrance to a music conservatory or University
  • preparing auditions for an orchestra position
  • all facets of becoming a strong and effective concertmaster
  • preparing an audition for a concertmaster position

In addition, Benjamin Hudson is a specialist in performance on period instruments on both baroque and classical violin, and in performance of contemporary works for violin.  He offers private lessons and courses in both areas.


Violins, Bows, and Advice:
Benjamin Hudson offers very knowledgable advice about violin and bow repairs, bow rehairs and sound adjustments.  He also has an outstanding collection of violins and bows (both modern and baroque), many of which are currently for sale.